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monilark May 9 '17
Some people want to become tree to run for body weight scale, some people want to turn into a pig to fly, some people want to be a stone to bake ... ... can come to him.

That day, a ten-year-old boy located him and said he wanted to be a grass carp.The big magician asked him, besides becoming a fish, although like to have anything not the same as the fish.Boy replied: "I just want to turn into a real fish, no actual kind of fish outside of the ability.

Big magician understand, the boy into a typical grass carp, on his hometown of small river. However, he converted into a fish and forgot this is the hometown from the river, he lost all previous memories.

One day, the boy's mother located the small river to launder clothes. Grass carp was attracted using a force, swim on the feet of her mother, along with know that is his mother. He just thinks this person is very kind. He swim to swim, and also naughty nibble mother's feet and her weight scale.

Sad mother laughed and said: "You make the perfect cute good bad little fish, I love you, you cherish me, or the best way to thrust also thrust don't go today I have not so happy too , Who can not comfort me, you this bad little fish permit me to become more relaxed. These clothes are my young boy, he hid, I found in a flash; used to completely clean, ought to find me His father asserted the clothes were clean, wash what wash it? I refuted, the doll lost monthly, after which clean clothes also become dirty. Bad fish You will not have to use clothes, your mother is both effort and worry. You then answer me a question, as well as able to find him, will not be it? Grass carp around her mother's ankle brisk swim in the circle, after which gently kissed her feet.

"You said yes, you've got confidence inside them! Please keep in mind that his name is Sarah." His message must inform me that I can come to see you and best body weight scale.

However, the grass carp looked to the bushes, just playing for a time, he forgot the name. He is a common grass carp. All night, he even forgot to view the mother yesterday, forget her sadness, forget her exhortations.