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freemexy Feb 20 '19

Jing’an District announced a list of life improvement projects to accomplish in 2019 during its “two sessions” which ended on Thursday.To get more Jingan District news, you can visit shine news official website. The projects cover urban renewal, environment improvement, aged care, traffic and other areas that are closely linked to people’s daily lives.

In 2019, it will install 50 elevators in current buildings, upgrade facilities in 1 million square meters of housing and improve 98 roads. It also aims to build 80,000 square meters of green areas, 15,000 square meters of vertical greenery and 2 kilometers of greenbelt. There will be a new public sports field and three renovated jogging and walking paths. Of the other highly anticipated projects, the district will open a comprehensive elderly care center and add 250 beds in senior care facilities.One of Shanghai’s central districts, Jing’An is named after Jing’An Temple, an ancient Chinese Buddhist temple which today sits between skyscrapers and shopping malls. Jing’An is one of Shanghai’s largest business and commercial districts and is well-known for being heavy in expat populations, owing in some part to the high number of international businesses, restaurants, and bars there. Here are our top ten things to do and see in Jing’An.

The place where Jing’An Park now lies was actually a cemetery when first opened in 1898. At the time, Jing’An was still one of the foreign concessions and the site thus housed the tombs of many prominent British who had died in Shanghai (as well as other foreign nationals). After the Communist takeover in 1949, the cemetery was gradually turned into a park. Housing grottoes, numerous leafy trees, a pond, a field, and plenty of feng shui, Jing’An Park offers visitors a small oasis in the middle of a bustling district.

In the middle of Jing’An Park lies Bali Laguna, an Indonesian restaurant overlooking the main pond of the park. The restaurant serves typical Indonesian fare, including curries and satays, and has an extensive menu. The English service is lacking slightly, but the relaxing environment more than makes up for it. The food is reasonably priced and there is also a large cocktail menu. The location, food, and cocktails make it an ideal place for a first date, or just an atmospheric dinner with friends or family. Just several blocks south of Jing’An Park is Cai Yuanpei’s former residence. Cai Yuanpei (1898 – 1940) was the president of Peking University, China’s most prestigious institution of higher education. He made great contributions in the fields of education and science, and strove to distance education from feudalistic restraints at a time when China was moving out of a monarchical government. His villa – which he lived in for a short time in 1937 – now lies open to the public in a small street off of Huashan Road, right across from the Hilton hotel.