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freemexy Mar 27 '19

We all know that, the toughness of the tie is very important. Many China Hook Cable Clips manufacturers have CE, UL and RoHS. Now I will introduce some tips. The main way to improve the toughness of nylon cable tie is to do post-treatment. 1. China cable tie can be humidified in the air. But it is not good for a long time. And the least of the humidified time is 3-7 days. In winter, the air humidity is low. So it is difficult for nylon to absorb enough water. 2. Generally, China cable tie can be boiled or steamed with water. In this case, the toughness of the material can be improved. But the color of the product will change after boiling. And there will be water stains and white spots on the surface of the tie. 3. However, we can control water stains and white spots by humidifying steam. It is a popular way to do it. 4. In addition, starting from raw materials of China cable ties. Suitable tougheners can be selected. It can toughen the raw materials. And we can choose high toughness plastic to be the raw material.