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freemexy May 27 '19
VEIIK Airo Pod Kit Review | Shanlaan’s Spiritual Successor? Talking about Shanlaan brand, we always have so many words. As a special and unique brand in vape market, Shanlaan has not launched too many products since it’s built. Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit and Shanlaan Laan Lite Pod Kit.
That’s all devices that Shanlaan released. Although there’re just two devices, Shanlaan still has impressed the vapers a lot with its exquisite design and expensive price. Well the success what Shanlaan made is irreproducible without any doubt. But the same type devices are reproducible in some way. That’s what we talk about today – vladdin kush pod. Actually there’s no need for me to say. When you take a glance at this VEIIK Airo Pod Kit, You’ll get that why I put down the title of this article like ‘Shanlaan’s Spiritual Successor’. The whole battery design is just inherited from Shanlaan Laan Lite Kit. Or inspired.
 The metal middle frame with leather-like decoration panels. Of course, you don’t have to expect it’ll be 100% exactly the same as Shanlaan’s device coz I still remember how people overreacted when Smok Trinity Alpha Pod Kit has been released. The middle frame is made from zinc alloy material which puzzled me for a while cause the battery weight won’t make you believe that zinc alloy will be heavy like this. On the other hand, you can think it in this way that VEIIK manufacturer is not stingy with the material using. The whole battery gives you a feeling of solid when you hold it in hand. As for the leather panels, I get the message that it’s PU sticker.
Yep, man made material. Though it’s not real leather material, It still offers great touching feel and hold feeling. And you don’t have to worry about the sticker will peel off because it’s not real leather.Vape Wholesale The battery capacity is 360mAh, just the standard specification. Surprisingly, you can enjoy fast charging tech in this VEIIK Airo Pod Kit. Although fast charging technology is already mature in daily application. It’s still hard to find it widely used in vape devices.
The reason is unknown, but I still advise the vape manufactures to vigorously promote this practical tech. The LED indicator is located on the bottom of the battery which covered with a transparent rubber strip and comes with an arched appearance design. When you install the pod cartridge, It’ll light on continuously for one second. And when you charge the battery, The indicator will flash slowly.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD