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sharonmarcella Oct 12 '19
Army clothing has always been popular with a lot of people because of its ease to wear. Many designers have incorporated these kinds of designs in their lines because of their fascination with war and the military. Even women have also fallen to the charms of army wear as many celebrities and icons are being seen in public wearing cargo pants with flip flops as well as structured military chic jackets which became really popular last year. Because of the wide range of clothes which can be created from the designs of military wear; there is surely something that will interest people of different ages.

As army clothing are known to be very comfortable to wear, a lot of people have started to mix and match these clothes in their everyday wear. Possibly the most popular army-inspired item, the camouflage t-shirt is still popular with a lot of people because of their versatility and interesting designs. Camouflage are also made into different colors as well as different designs - like sleeveless tops, fitted shirts, and even jackets. Army boots are also popular with many people who pair it with cargo pants for an edgier look. Sometimes, girls also wear these boots with dresses to give their outfits a rougher feel. Other accessories such as dog tags also spice up ones outfit and make it look urban.

One thing which makes it popular is that authentic army clothing is a lot cheaper than normal clothes sold in malls or boutiques. Surplus shops concentrating on military wares sell these clothes along with other products such as military equipment as well as tools. As they are sold at really low prices, most people looking for cheap clothes, become a fitness model and shoes have started to shop around at these stores. People who are also more fashion-conscious tend to alter these clothes they get from the surplus shops and customize them to their own liking. Many add patches, badges, or rip them apart and sew them again together to have that distressed feel that is popular in a lot of designer labels. Skaters also feel at home using military clothes as they are loose, tough, and very comfortable to move around in which is essential in their sport. Some people think that military wear are boring as they are always done in earthly tones such as gray and green. There are actually a lot of these clothes available in different colors which make them stand out when worn. Army clothing is definitely one of the most versatile pieces that you can mix and match to make an interesting, yet fashionable look.