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Cement production mainly relies on slag vertical roller mill to process slag and produce stone powder with different fineness for the production of different specifications of cement. Because the slag powder requires less water than cement, the addition of slag powder can reduce the water-binder ratio of concrete, reduce the amount of concrete bleeding, increase fluidity, improve workability, and pumpability, so maintain good workability and incorporate slag. After powdering, on the one hand, the amount of cement is reduced, and the internal factors of corrosion are reduced; on the other hand, slag powder can be evenly dispersed in the cement slurry because the particles are finer than cement, and these particles are filled in the cement after hydration. In the stone voids, the concrete pore structure is improved, the permeability of the concrete is gradually reduced, the alkali aggregate reaction is effectively suppressed, the sulfate resistance is improved, and the seawater corrosion resistance is enhanced. In general, the ability to resist chemical corrosion is improved and the durability of concrete is enhanced. Therefore, the slag powder can be substituted into the concrete in the same amount to improve the workability of the fresh concrete. According to the different requirements of the concrete, the slag powder can replace 30-70% of the cement in the same amount, and the production cost per cubic concrete can be reduced 15 -30 yuan, other external additives can not achieve this benefit.

The slag after the slag vertical grinding process can be used in the production of cement concrete. With the continuous increase of mining in China, more and more mineral resources are being continuously excavated by us, although these mineral resources have greatly improved our lives. However, the accompanying solid waste such as slag and tailings is also increasing. In many cases, these wastes will be accumulated in the suburbs without timely treatment, which not only takes up a lot of land resources, but also causes waste of mineral resources. Therefore, the rational use of slag can promote the healthy development of society. After research by scientific personnel, slag has been widely used in the construction field after processing. Especially in the field of cement manufacturing, slag has become an important production aggregate.

Because slag plays an important role in the production of cement, the value of slag has also increased several times, and it has changed from a garbage that was useless to a treasure of value. The slag vertical mill plays an important role in the process of slag transformation. It is also an indispensable and important equipment in cement processing plants. The slag vertical mill itself constitutes a complete set of stone powder production line and has many technical advantages in slag processing. The slag vertical mill is famous for its large output, high fineness, safety, reliability, energy conservation and environmental protection. In modern stone powder processing enterprises, slag vertical mills are widely used. The performance of slag vertical mills has been unanimously affirmed by many users. Stone powder processing plant is the ideal equipment.

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