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The same product and model of the crusher have different quality. The crusher is divided into a cast steel body and a welded body. The so-called cast steel body refers to the entire body of the Construction Waste crusher is integrated, and the cast steel parts come out directly. Because the fuselage is integrated, this equipment is quite durable and durable Life is long. The welded body is composed of multiple steel plates and then welded manually, so the service life of such equipment is much shorter. The price difference between cast steel body and welded body is also very large. The price of cast steel body is relatively high, while the price of welded body is much lower. One price for one product, here we remind everyone not to be confused by the manufacturer's offer. Although some manufacturers quote you a very low price, the quality of the product is definitely not good. In fact, it is very simple to distinguish the difference. You should consult a few manufacturers and listen to their respective quotations. The regular manufacturers' quotations are relatively high, and those small factories report a lot lower prices. Too low prices advise everyone not to buy.