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sbmcrusher Mar 26

Characteristics Of Filament Woven Geotextile
1. High strength: high strength industrial polypropylene, polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibers as raw materials, with high original strength. After woven into the regular woven structure, comprehensive bearing capacity is further improved.

2. Durability: the characteristics of man-made fiber aren't easy to denature polypropylene nonwoven geotextile for sale, decomposition, weathering. It can maintain its original characteristics for an extended time.

3. Corrosion resistance: man-made fiber generally has acid resistance, alkali resistance, moth resistance, mold resistance.

4. Water permeability: woven fabrics can effectively control the structure of the pores, to realize a particular degree of water permeability.

5. Convenient storage and transportation: thanks to its lightweight and packaging consistent with certain requirements, it's convenient for transportation, storage, and construction.