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gupka Mar 31 '20

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network. If you have files on a server in operation, this server is unlikely to be publicly accessible (accessible via the Internet) and will undoubtedly be behind a firewall. Managing a VPN is much safer than opening ports on a firewall, which is risky. As more workers travel and / or work from home, companies need a way to give employees access to the resources they need while maintaining a high level of security.

Enter a VPN, a secure way to connect to a private network over the Internet. With a VPN connection, it's like being in an office. Imagine that you are at home and realize that you need something from a server or internal website in the office. A VPN connection is like a very long Ethernet cable connected via your Mac to your network.

Leonis3 Apr 2 '20
NordVPN is a very convenient application. Just open the application, click the Quick Connect button and the algorithm will choose the best server for you. If you need additional configuration options and you want to manually select a server, click on one of the countries in the list panel
Valik Apr 2 '20
Millions of people around the world use VPN (or "virtual private networks"). Surely you yourself have used this service at least once, but have you ever asked yourself: How does a VPN actually work? Should I use it? Maybe there is no sense in this service?
Fofosefa Apr 2 '20
Very often, a modern person, developing his business has to travel a lot. It can be trips to remote corners of our country or to foreign countries. Often people need access to their information stored on their home computer or on the computer of the company. This problem can be solved by organizing remote access to it using a modem and a telephone line. Using a telephone line has its own characteristics. The disadvantages of this solution are that a call from another country costs a lot of money. There is another solution called VPN. The advantages of technology  Mac VPN 推薦  is that the organization of remote access is not done through a telephone line but via the Internet, which is much cheaper and better. In my opinion, VPN technology has the prospect of wide distribution around the world.
Akkum Apr 2 '20

You should know that all Chinese VPN services cooperate with the government and collect personal information about users. The best Chinese VPN provider will be able to offer you a tariff with a maximum speed of 500MB / second. But this speed will be relevant only for Chinese sites. Speed will be limited to possibly 1M  second.

Fofosefa Apr 2 '20
Among the methods available for most people to protect and anonymize VPN traffic, I think the best option. VPNs offer higher connection speeds and a higher level of protection than anonymizers. However, most VPN providers are paid, which means you have to spend money. What in the end is up to you to decide.
GeneWilson Apr 24 '20
If you look at the quality of service performance, I prefer options from They offer a wide range of individual proxies for individuals. I chose this option because there is always good speed and there is almost no refusal to access trusted sites with good protection. If you are watching VPN for yourself, then pay attention to this option.