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gupka Mar 31 '20
VPN – what is it in your phone? This question is probably asked by everyone who first saw this icon in the curtain on their gadget or found the corresponding item in the settings of their phone or tablet. Other users are faced with the advice to "use a VPN on your phone" when searching the Internet for ways to open sites blocked by Roskomnadzor. Also, this advice is relevant in the light of the recent mass blocking of ip addresses by this organization of the popular telegram messenger, for the normal operation of which in this case, many had to use a VPN connection in their phone. Let's figure out what a VPN is in General terms, why you need it, and how to configure and enable it on Android.
Leonis3 Apr 2 '20
ExpressVPN is not a free service; in fact, it is one of the most expensive VPN services on the market. At the same time, the service offers a 30-day money back guarantee, that is, if you plan to travel to China for less than a month, you can use ExpressVPN for free
Fofosefa Apr 2 '20
Using VPN in China for free is real, no matter what experienced tourists and paid VPN operator sites claim. Of course, this is not always convenient and involves some difficulties, but for those who want to save 10-12 dollars, the information will be useful.
Valik Apr 2 '20
Moreover, if you live in a country whose legislation prohibits the use of torrents, then your provider has probably warned that you will be easily calculated when downloading torrent files. But if your provider doesn’t care, then it can simply transfer information about you to the content owners.
Leonis3 Apr 2 '20
There are many users on public VPNs, therefore it is impossible to separate the traffic of individual users, moreover, the user is not connected with the server owner in any way, and all traffic is guaranteed to be logged by the service provider
Fofosefa Apr 2 '20
The main functions of VPN are anonymity and protection. The best VPN service should maintain a non-tax policy and provide maximum data protection from leaks and hacking. When choosing the best VPN service, we also focused on the number of servers, connection speed and the ability to visit geo-blocked sites. This feature is especially relevant for those traveling to China. Consider only market leaders who have proven in practice that they are the best in all respects. Cybercrime has switched to smartphones and every time you connect to public Wi-Fi you risk fraudsters intercepting traffic and gaining access to data. With the traffic stream is encrypted. Top services use military-grade encryption like the government does with banks and law enforcement agencies. If traffic is intercepted for decryption, it will take decades. Most of those who travel to China are phones based on Android OS. And therefore, requests for where to download  Android VPN 推薦  for China on Android are very popular. VPN saves you from surveillance and it’s much more convenient to use the network.