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Akkum May 7 '20

When Instagram appeared many tools were missing. And even then the question arose of how to buy Instagram subscribers. Only iPhone owners could become the first users of the program, and a version for the Android operating system was later developed. The success of Instagram was tremendous. The first million registered users was already in a month of the application. Communication through the application can occur in two ways: through comments on publications and also through direct. But in the comments dialogues are usually not conducted, and only answers to certain questions can be obtained. And no stranger will be able to see private messages anymore. In the settings, you can restrict access to people with whom communication through direct or comments causes unpleasant emotions. Through private messages, it is allowed to share the favorite publication of another author. But a friend will not see the post if its author has hidden page content. The application allows you to edit photos to change the color gamut and brightness of images. Even if there is no desire to upload photos to Instagram, you can edit the picture and save it to your electronic device. This service allows you to crop photos to create from them collages to impose various filters. A correctly selected filter significantly transforms the photo and makes it bright and interesting.

Instagram also allows you to work with video clips. Through the application it is allowed to shorten the video and also impose various filters. Before publishing, your profile has a preview of the edited photos and videos.

Fofosefa May 8 '20
If you do not know how to promote Instagram, start with communication. Clients on Instagram love not only to watch your posts in the feed but also to chat to ask a question and so on. Therefore, communication with clients and subscribers on Instagram is very important. Above all, always politely communicate with customers. Do not allow foul language in your vocabulary of insults and rudeness.
Akkum May 8 '20
I hope you already familiarized yourself with the Instagram application on your mobile device and know how to add a photo to the feed, which tabs are responsible for what. Now we will go a little deeper into the functionality of the social network. Here is a very simple program at first glance, however it has some functions that are not so easy to notice.
Fofosefa May 8 '20

Not every user knows how to use Instagram on a computer, and sometimes it is very useful how to correctly use hashtags in your publications, how to make a beautiful collage and send it to your followers, how to delete an unnecessary photo or comment on it, how to edit some of your personal data avatar, as well as many another. Do you want to engage in promoting your profile on Instagram, have many subscribers to become a cool and popular blogger, or just sell something on this social network? Tips from the most interesting bloggers and Instagram portals will help you get started! I specialize in how to better and more beautifully handle photos on Instagram. I want to give you some examples, try to do the same and your photos will become fashionable and cute. It sometimes happens that you can’t do any absolutely simple action on Instagram  https://instaload.net/zh/  for example, you can’t register to send a video, although your phone supports this function, the comments disappear and the hash tags of the photo do not work out like you did immediately before sending.

Leonis3 May 8 '20
Videos are more attractive, catchy and popular than any other content. They are even more popular than blogs. And the best part is that editing videos is easy. Many video editors for Instagram do not require special knowledge and will help you create a video in just a few minutes.
Valik May 8 '20
The absence of a upload button does not mean that it is not possible to upload photos from Instagram. I think that many already know that there are many ways to upload images from Instagram. Some of them require only a few clicks, while others take a little longer, but in the end the result is still worth it. 
Leonis3 May 8 '20
There are applications that have been created specifically for people who like to share photos of their food; there are more than 30 filters that make dishes more delicious in the pictures. In the program, you can edit photos and create videos up to 60 seconds long