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MaplestoryMCN May 21

Playing a warrior buy gold classic wow even when there is a course that can dps - tank and heal at a whim of a spec change. You have not changed warrior but by buffing the overall class of druid you have just demolished the warrior. Eco system. It is not about private glory - vanilla is all about the excellent team work meta where every class constitutes the weakness of the other.

As soon as I started playing in vanilla I didnt even know what a raid was. I didnt even know what an instance was. It was a whole world that functioned gradually as you played through and that I never had a target using WoW Classic I just enjoyed playing. I recall with a friend over and the only real thing we did for an whole night was only exploring new zones ending up in The Shimmering apartments as lvl 15 ish noobies just having fun. It was astonishing. I will play WoW Classic casually and enjoy slowly progressing my personality. I think WoW Classic got turned into what it is now because it strove to adapt to the young adult man mindset and Activision

wanting to squeeze our wallets. I guess people will play hardcore now around as well to become the most awful ass about and that is totally OK and even a cool thing. But for many people it's going to be casual pleasure. If it remains mostly unchanged and the servers gets steady with the amount of players I can imagine I'll have an active subscription, the day I die. And I hope I'll find tons of amazing, like minded individuals on the planet with me.

That is the most realistic and honest video about WoW Classic. I concur with everything you said. Vanilla has such a huge potential due to becoming a community oriented sport. Though it had been the first MMO that Blizzard wow classic gold developed. Ever since then, I believe they have heard a great deal about balancing PVE and PVP. Class and

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betheapaul30 May 22

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