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MLCgames May 22
I'm loving all people reminiscing on Old School RuneScape Gold those old times. It is so fun to hear all the stories and laugh at stuff like this that used to occur for me as a kid too. I started having fun again because I stopped doing maximum efficiency. When I get sick of something I just go do something else instead. People pushing max efficiency down the throat of others for years truly ruined RuneScape for some. RS was the greatest when we were all just messing around.

Ya know, the most fun I had in RuneScape wasn't when my pals and I played together. It had been when Gielinor felt huge, and exploring was exciting. I remember how cool I thought it was when I saw someone with gear I had never seen, or found Seer's Village for the first time. I really don't play much anymore, but once I do, the world feels small, and such as it has lost all its magic. I hate growing up.Kinda wish they'd increase the size of earth by a factor of four or so, and only space out the towns and villages so they appear distant to each other. There are not many places left that do not feel bloated. "Leaving the city of Falador on my trek into the next village!" (takes five steps)"And here we're in Taverly!"

You believe you want this, but frankly it would be awful game design. The entire world would be big, but vacant. It's much better to create worlds where gamers encounter many things than creating a massive world with big areas of nothing. If you're really honest: how many times are you utilizing the pottery wheels in barbarian village. How many times would you mine for funds in al karidh. How many times can you see with mudskipper point. Or do willows cut on? Or hoe frequently do you stumble from the draynor sewers? People are condensed into the areas generally, although the world is actually large. Then that everybody is not there Otherwise to your xp.

You experience the exact same sort of problem, When you look in other mmos. Cities and most of of the gorgeous property in between unused. Look at single player games for example Skyrim: anyplace is near a new cave, fort or other conspicuous site. And in between many random encounters to keep you entertained. All because the devellopers want you to feel that there is some thing to do. Most people don't like to play: walking in nature RuneScape, for hours on end. If a person does, they probably will only head irl out buy RS gold.