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contuo Aug 30

The LCD Lifting Column is basically used in meetings and office training desks to automatically hide the LCD display and beautify the desktop. It is required that the LCD display is lowered to the desktop to be flat and clean.

The ultra-thin series of LCD lifters are based on the traditional LCD lifter update and upgrade design to shape modern conference and office hidden machinery and equipment products. The product requirements are more stable on the basis of the traditional LCD lifter stable and traditional product structure design. Lightweight.

The standard configuration of ultra-thin LCD screen lifter series products is high-definition Sino-foreign joint venture brand LCD monitors, which are more compatible with paperless conference systems with high requirements combined with modern information industry engineering, conference discussion systems, video conference systems, large-screen splicing systems, and multimedia education System etc.

The ultra-thin liquid crystal display lifter series products are made of highly standardized pure aluminum chassis materials, the box body structure is mold profile aluminum, and the control panel, box body and its internal lifting structure are made of 99% aluminum products and high-standard quasi-CNC precision carving. The superiority lies in the fine product accessories processed by CNC, which make the elevator more stable during long-term operation, and it can be raised and lowered freely.

The lifting structure of the ultra-thin liquid crystal display lifter series products selects the aluminum guide rail structure of the steel wire rope transmission profile with good stability and low noise without resonance; the wiring method of the internal tank chain with reasonable performance can ensure that the product does not lift. The wire is jammed without damaging the internal wires. When presiding over a multimedia conference, it can be lifted and lowered individually or in groups as needed to display multimedia information during the conference content process, so that Electric Lifting Column of the conference content is more diversified and the overall conference content quality is improved.

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