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wisepowder May 6 '21
Each race has had its strengths and weaknesses since the dawn of World of Warcraft, but the differences today aren't necessarily the same as those from 2004. We're about to hop straight into a time machine to 15 years ago with WoW Classic, and its racial abilities.To get more news about buy wow gold eu, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

WoW Classic's racial abilities are easy enough to understand. Some races, such as Undead and Night Elf, are clearly more geared toward PvP content, but you will probably have the same fun with any class and race combination (unless you get a little too used to Will of the Forsaken).

It's important to keep in mind while reading through this guide that ultimately, you should choose whatever race and class combination you want to play. Meta gaming WoW Classic only does so much, and it's not like you're about to tackle the hardest content Azeroth's ever seen.

You have a little more to think about in terms of race as a PvP player, but if you played way back in the day you probably already know which race you want to carry you to victory in contested areas.