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wisepowder May 6 '21
There's one question that's echoed throughout the annals of World of Warcraft history that haunts anyone who has spent any amount of time in the Barrens. One question that's been memed and back: Where is Mankrik's wife?To get more news about buy wow classic gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

In the Crossroads, players will inevitably pick up the quest "Lost in Battle," in which Mankrik requests you seek out his wife somewhere to the south. You take the quest, of course, because XP is a delicious candy treat you must eat.

Just to note, this short guide does have a very minor spoiler, specifically about the fate of Mankrik's wife. It's incredibly minor and has no bearing on the game overall, but if you intend to go into World of Warcraft Classic blind and with no experience with the game pre-Cataclysm, you may want to just skim over the text here and look at the image below.Getting "Lost in Battle" done is actually incredibly easy. Just run south, down the road from the Crossroads, sticking to the road for the most part unless you want to get into some scuffles with raptors.

Eventually, you will come to a bridge over a narrow gully. Cross the bridge and start looking for some huts to the left. They shouldn't be far from the road, though there will be raptors in the vicinity. Don't be surprised if a raptor decides to try to eat your face while you're investigating the huts, as one patrols very close by.In one of the huts you'll find a corpse that can be interacted with, which is unsurprisingly Mankrik's wife. Click on her, progress the quest, and head back up to the Crossroads to turn "Lost in Battle" in to Mankrik, who is understandably bereaved by the news.

I'm working up some WoW Classic guides bit by bit, and we wholeheartedly welcome any WoWC player to pop on here and write their own guides! For now, I've worked up a weapon trainer locations guide as well as a racial abilities guide. Check them out, but most importantly have fun!