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rkuma265 May 14 '21
30 years must be celebrated! And you have to do it big to open this decade in a fun, pleasant way with a crazy decoration!

Organize a 30th birthdayto celebrate and usher in a new decade of your life: it is the challenge launched to all future thirty year oldswho do not want surprise parties for their 30th birthday! You can rest assured about one thing: 30thbirthday partiesare just as fun as 20s! No depressing jokes, just a magnificent 30th anniversary decorationand animation for a 30th birthday partythat will leave its mark!

Surrounded by family and friends, there is nothing better than a party that reflects us, with everything you need to make this day an unforgettable moment!

And as always, the VegaooParty team helps you organize the best birthdays without too many problems or thoughts, with a series of original inspirations and thanks to the choice of a theme for the 30years that can make your party unique! So that everyone who has been invited would love to join the birthday party instead of wishing it on WhatsApp by sharing birthday shayari, We will also show you what are the essential decorations for a 30th birthday party, just so you don't forget anything. Let's start!

How to choose a theme for a 30th birthday?

Finding a good idea for the birthday theme for 30 yearsis complicated ... You have to think of something that suits all the guests present: no masked birthday if your guests don't particularly like this type of event! Try, therefore, to choose a theme for the 30 yearsthat can create a nice decoration, but at the same time chic and refined.

Here are some ideas for an original themethat you might like:

30 YEARS 1990s

The VegaooParty team loves the 90sbecause it just brings out good memories. In a "90s disco"atmosphere , bring out fluorescent dresses and some accessories from those years that set you apart (for better or for worse!).


If you're celebrating your 30th birthday in the summer, throw yourself into the tropical theme ! It's fun and usually everyone likes it. Men and women will find their best outfit and the decoration will be a real blast!


If you are rather "retro" and you are a fan of the 70s, the disco theme is perfect for entertaining friends, but above all the family (even those who are a little older in age). Same success if you choose the 20s themerather than the Hollywood theme .


Rather geek in the soul? Check out the article on the best TV series that could be a good theme for your party!


For those who do not like to have themed parties and are looking for a romantic and chic decoration, here are the rose gold decorations that arethe trend of the moment! Refined to bright, the rose gold hue varies from the usual gold or silver and is perfect for a 30 year partywith friends!

Now the time has come, and now you do not need to search for how old am i calculator, so just try your best to make it the most memorable birthday. 


Even for guys who don't necessarily want to choose a specific theme, you can prepare a nice decoration by opting for a nice color or a bicolor suitable for the occasion such as black and gold, rather than black and white ...

In any case, choose the theme you like the most and the more it matches you!

How to choose a birthday decoration for 30 years?

After choosing the theme, you will have to deal with making a decoration for 30 yearsand that's no joke ... However, don't panic! Once you have chosen the theme, the rest comes by itself and your birthday decoration will be prepared quite simply.


In any case, you have to think of everything! The coordinated disposable table with napkins, glasses to be able to sip a good cocktail and nice dishes to be able to serve some delicious and cooked specialties for the occasion.


Here are the essential decorations for a 30th birthday: 30th birthday balloons for a trendy touch, confetti to complete your table and ( why not?!?) some garlands to match to decorate the walls. It's up to you to create a decoration for the 30 yearsof success, which will leave everyone speechless and which is perfect for taking lots of photos, to keep a beautiful memory of the evening!

Celebrating 30 years: ideas for men

It's not that easy to make a nice decoration for a boy's 30th birthday! Least of all for us who love various glitter and glitter. So, how can we go about creating a spectacular decoration for 30 years, but not too feminine? Here are some little secrets ...

  1. Choose some rather sober colors

  2. Add a bright touch (silver or gold, but not the two together!)

  3. Finish by personalizing the decoration with some accessories that well represent the character of the birthday boy (mustache, a book, cinema, beer or other ...)

Male themes for 30 years that work well are:

Regardless of the chosen theme, you will need to create your decoration with some essential accessories or decorations.

For example, don't forget candles or fountains to decorate the cake… For the 30th birthday theyare necessary and always have an effect!

And if you want to prepare a truly unforgettable dessert, personalize your 30th birthday cakewith a photo of the birthdayboy or a sugar disc to create as you wish. This is an original idea and it costs very little.

Celebrating 30 years: ideas for women

We got the impression that finding nice ideas for feminine 30th birthday decorationis easier. What do you think about it? There are fewer limits regarding colors and therefore there is more choice!

In fact, anything could be okay to celebrate your 30th birthday, so the difficulty lies in choosing which theme is best!

The feminine themes for 30 that work are:

Once you have chosen your theme, you can create a perfect decoration that includes decorations, accessories or some disguise if you wish.

What animations to foresee for a birthday for 30 years?

It is useless to remind you that even at 30you are always funnyand a little crazy! So, don't hesitate to organize some hilarious animations for 30 yearsto create a relaxed and carefree atmosphere.

For example, a music quiz to remember songs from the 90swould be an original and much appreciated idea; the most dancers will unleash on the dance floor with some timeless classics, which will evoke many memories and emotions. And if it's a spring or summer 30th birthday, why not try a pool party if the weather permits? It will create an American-style party atmosphere that we at VegaooParty love very much!

And to frame it all, a beautiful phot booth seduction must not be missing ! The phot booth for the 30th anniversaryis the ideal opportunity to take a lot of photos, to print or to send by email to all the guests after the party, to thank them for participating. With the decoration of your location , a camera and photo booth accessories , that's it: laughter is guaranteed!

30 years: a surprise party is the top!

To celebrate these 30 years properly , opting for a surprise partycould be the perfect solution! Fun and unexpected, the surprise party for a 30-year-old future must be well organized!

To invite everyone, create an event on social networks or use your phone to contact friends. In order to block the birthdayboy, create a fake event so that he remains available for the evening without finding out about the 30th birthday party!

As for the birthday venue, you can opt for the easier, but expensive solution of a rented room, especially if you can't find another spacious venue. In order for the 30th birthday surprise tobe complete, have the guests hide (in the garden, in a room or in the dark) and that's where the birthday boy will arrive and everyone will shout. And for a special surprise gift for the 30th anniversary, why not organize a treasure hunt? The treasure will be nothing more than a pack containing 30 packets to unwrap!

If, on the other hand, you think a costume party for 30 yearsis not bad , we recommend that you follow the chosen theme from A to Z: menus, decorations and of course the look!

You can also think of more unusual surprise locations: a party by the lake, a party on a rooftop bar or a dinner in an unusual and particular restaurant (dinner in the dark or with a spectacular view and a special atmosphere). And again: a night on a tree house or in a bubble or a party on a boat ... In short, you can always go big!

Obviously, everything that will be chosen for the birthday boy will have a precise link with his hobbies and with everything he likes or always wanted to do (and of course, we must show that we listen to people when they talk!) So, other alternatives could be a gastronomic weekend for a sweet tooth, a tasting in a vineyard for a lover of wine and oenology, a day in a spa for those who need to relax. In short, if you know his tastes, you can find the perfect location for his party or to celebrate with dignity.

Do not forget to find convincing excuses to be able to drag the birthdayboy to his surprise party: visit a friend, retrieve some object or the like. The surprise will be very successful if nothing is leaked!


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