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rkuma265 May 18 '21

The company page on LinkedIn… The big sloppy. There are hundreds of thousands of companies registered on LinkedIn, but today few are the ones that give them the value they deserve. 

And that's a mistake ... So ...

Why is the Company Page not given importance? 

The reason: According to a study by LinkedIn Talent Solutions, LinkedIn'sown personal profiles - that is, company employees - typically have up to 10 times more followers than a LinkedIn Company Page. 

It is true that a personal profile builds trust and attracts more followers due to, among other reasons, its personal nature, but the company page on LinkedIn is essential to complement this trust strategy. 

 ALL the strategies that we trust in Territorio Social Selling are carried out through the professional profile, because the company page is created on LinkedIn to manage your talent or carry out advertising marketing actions. 

While it is true that creating a business page is not a priority if you have a small or micro business, it begins to take on importance when it is one of them. Of course, as I explain in another article on this topic, a good company page on LinkedIn needs good professional profiles to support it.

So try to get more attention from users on your compare page to gain it you can use Cool font generator, it works in the modern era. 

"If you already have your professional profile on LinkedIn well managed, you have a work system that makes you achieve the goals you have set for yourself, a company page on LinkedIn will be a good complement to your presence on this social network." 

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Company Page


1. Establish well all available categories 


In order for your company page on LinkedIn to appear well organized in the right sector and with the keywords you want, you must complete / fill in the sections that LinkedIn offers you: 

In Header: 

  • Page information (logo and slogan) 

  • Buttons (customize what your customers will click as soon as they enter your page)

In About: 

 -  Summary: 

  • Striking description about your company 

  • Clean and simple URL of your website

  • Sector 

  • Company size and type data

  • Use your company logo 

  • Year of creation

  • Specialities (add the words that describe your products or services)


In Community: 

  • Relevant hashtags (3 max, think about it!) 

  • Featured groups: if you also have a group that you have created, add it!


The better defined your company is, the sooner they will find you! The sections are not placed there on the whim of LinkedIn, they serve to position you

To get there you have to: go to your company page → under the header photo and to the right of your company name, select "edit page". 

2. Share news 

Share news from both your sector and your own company. Have you acquired a new tool to work with? Share it! Have you launched a new product on the market? Share it! Have you partnered with another company? Share it! 

If you update your clients and tell them how they can benefit from all that news, they will appreciate it and return to your page before any other that does not offer the same.

3. Share the corporate culture 

Aside from more “serious” news and content, why not share company culture on your LinkedIn Company Pageas well? 

You can share the incorporation of a new employee, or if you are telecommuting, and even opinions on news related to your sector or more personal. With videos, photos and more visual and closer content, you will expand your community, since clients and potential clients will feel closer to your company. 

4. Take surveys 

Surveys are a perfect opportunity to find out what topics your clients demand . They also serve to know the points of view of your customers about your products or services or even about current affairs. 

5. Share third-party content

We've mentioned before that the LinkedIn Company Page is a perfect opportunity to post news about your company… and your industry. Even if it is your company page, let's remember that LinkedIn is also a social network, so the excuse is perfect to talk and share information from third parties

If you come across useful and constructive content from other media, why not use it before anyone else and make it known? It can be a video or a news story shared by one of your contacts ... 

But at this point I'm going to stop for a moment and talk to you about hashtags ... 

Before we mentioned that you have the option of using a maximum of 3 hashtags. So that? The hashtags should be chosen based on the content that you want to share, because EVERYTHING that those hashtags have (third-party publications) you will be able to share later from your company. 

For example, imagine that you are a car salesman and that one of your hashtags associated with your page is "#luisauto". 

Now, if any of your employees use the #luisauto hashtag when they post content related to your company, you can see and share it

If not, you couldn't share it. Neither theirs nor third parties who also use the hashtag to talk about your company. Therefore, you already have an idea of ​​how important these three little words are.

6. Post varied content

I mention again that LinkedIn is, in addition to a business generator, a social network, and as a social network that it is, it needs a diversity of content. 

When a user enters LinkedIn, it is not only to find texts and links… Look for images, videos, articles, infographics… Look for VARIETY. 

Also, I remember that the company pages can also share STORIES. With them you can publish more relaxed content, such as a company celebration or an employee's birthday.

So why not give them what they want? Try to publish all kinds of content and, if possible, make it useful for them. 

I personally recommend that you use PDF carousels, a great format to convey everything your company wants on LinkedIn

7. Take care of those who are already part of your company page on LinkedIn (your community)

People who follow you now, do it because they want to, but that does not mean that they should not continue to take care of them. You don't have them earned! If they went to you for your quality, keep giving it. 

Respond to the comments and questions received on your page, help them solve their doubts, give them what they want. 

There is a common pattern in practically all the points mentioned: publish content. If you do it constantly, you will become known, then recognized and admired and finally boughtIf not, there is little to do ... Your company page is also essential (and one more support) for this path to become a reality. 

Tell me… What is your experience with the company page on LinkedIn?

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