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Urangenii Jun 3
Winter is coming, and the hunting seasons are still open. Living next door to what was once a major army post, I could buy surplus military supplies to keep warm in the cold. Unfortunately, almost all combat training and combat operations units have been replaced by conscription and service troops, who do not spend much time in the field, and good clothing and equipment are running out.
Add to that the fact that I'm older now and don't handle the cold, as well as I, used to, and the things I've always worn now don't do the job. Now I really understand the phrase "cotton kills" and realize that natural fabrics like wool, cotton, and down, which were the standard when I grew up, are no longer enough. Of course, weight is also a factor. If you find it difficult to move around in your clothes because they are heavy and cramping, then there will be problems.
I would like to start a discussion of cold-weather clothing for both hunting and outdoor work in cold weather, and it is both dry and wet cold weather.
So let me know what you use or recommend. From socks, underwear, shoes, thermal layers, trousers, shirts, jackets, coats, parkas, etc., or anything else. Brand names or materials, let's hear about them.
Life's worries should be about the 120-pound bag you're trying to climb to the top of a mountain, not the rock in your shoe.
What do you think about this and how is it considered where it is better to buy clothes, in particular shirts?
Ellahudsama Jun 3

Well, sounds like there were some side benefits for you, Urangenii.

Edwinasyneak Jun 5
Wow, I had a similar experience, only in the camp. We were 7 in the group and we were climbing small rocks in Canada in late autumn. It was also cold, and one day we were left without a burner (we lived in tents). No warm tea, no hot food. But then my coach taught me how to sleep properly, so as not to freeze in the morning. When you lie down in the sleeping bag, you remain only in the t-shirt and pants, and all the other clothes lie down next to you. In the morning, when your body has warmed itself, you will put on warm clothes and you'll not freeze. We "survived" the unpleasant moments and my coach ordered seems in T-shirts in memory of this camp.
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