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inannabelle Aug 5

The same best realistic sex dolls, the same brand, must be bought by thousands of people. Everyone has a possessive desire, which is more reflected in our exclusive partner, so we must also want to make the real doll become that unique existence.

Most brands on the market basically have only one criterion for whether the same-looking love dolls are different, and that is hair transplant. The price difference of the same doll hair transplant is about 200-300 US dollars. For those who want to be personalized, they usually choose the dolls with set hair, because they can be changed and personalized.

The advantage of personalization is that you can create a "I have you but nothing" through setting and dressing up! The character settings can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Identity: celebrities, neighbors, and two-dimensional figures, etc.;

2. Occupation: police, lawyer, nurse, etc.;

3. Personality: subtle, lively, cute, etc.;

4. Relationship: brother and sister, girlfriend, wife, etc.


The tiny sex doll is a blank created by the factory, and the owner needs to define it and give it an independent personality. In addition to the unchangeable head sculpture and body, the fun of real dolls lies in the hairstyle, eyes, face makeup, and clothing, which can be selected according to your preferences.

There are many styles of wigs, long, short, curly, straight, various styles, and various colors, and some can even be made by yourself. There are three common wig materials on the market: chemical fiber silk, high temperature silk, and real hair.

1. Ordinary wire: cheap, basic shape, poor quality, not easy to maintain, and easy to scrap;

2. High temperature wire: moderate price, high temperature resistance, various styles can be made by yourself, and it is also commonly used by most coser;

3. Real hair: expensive, woven from real hair, with all the advantages of real hair.

The eyeballs are all installed before the factory, and some can be selected but very few, and the quality is good or bad. The difference lies in the quality of the material and the painting, and the second choice is the color of the iris of the eyeball.

Theoretically speaking, the eyeball can be changed, because when making a BBW sex doll, there is a device in the eye that can fix the eyeball on it, and the eyeball can be rotated in this device. This is the way to adjust the doll’s eyes. . However, the removal is not easy to operate, and special tools are required, otherwise the eyes of the dolls are easily damaged in the industry. If you need to replace the eyeball, you can contact the manufacturer or professional to complete it.


Face makeup

The head of the physical doll is also divided into silicone and TPE, and there will be a professional makeup artist to do simple makeup before leaving the factory.

TPE's face makeup is relatively simple, generally only eye makeup and lip makeup. Due to the material, the adhesion of the makeup is not strong, the color may fade over time, just follow the normal makeup removal process. Of course, many Shuruibao manufacturers provide consultation and services for doll makeup. You can ask for opinions at the flagship store.

Silicone face makeup is more delicate, almost the entire face, even the capillaries. And in order to maintain the durability of the makeup, most of the makeup materials will use special pigments so that the makeup will not fall off due to daily cleaning. It should be noted that silicone head makeup is generally irreversible, so if you want to modify it, you need to consider carefully.


Clothing is the most intuitive way to reflect the personality of a doll. Many cheap sex dolls from China are produced 1:1 according to real people. Basically, you can buy clothes directly in the market, there are many styles and different prices. There are several types of doll costumes:

1. Daily clothing: shirts, short skirts, jeans, etc., which can be seen everywhere on the street;

2. Professional uniforms: uniforms with special meanings, such as JK uniforms, stewardess uniforms, nurse uniforms, police uniforms, etc., which are professionally representative clothing;

3. Special costumes: Including various exotic costumes of cos two-dimensional characters, dancer costumes, kimonos, etc., costumes with non-mainstream cultural meanings, adding alternative visual feelings.

Full Size Sex Dolls

In addition, there are also places where shoes, accessories, etc. can be changed. Shoes can be matched according to the style of the clothes, and the size is generally matched with the size of the real person's height. Accessories are the finishing touch. You can wear hats, headdresses, and hairpins on your head; you can have rings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets on your body; clothing accessories include brooches, school badges, and ties; there are socks, tattoo stickers, etc. Kinds of props and so on.