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blair2019 Oct 14

New Drop Jordans latest children's album is a tribute to "Where The Wild Things Are" (Where The Wild Things Are), an iconic picture book that inspired an animated short film and an opera , There is even a live action movie. Here, the creature designed by Maurice Sendak becomes more tangible, providing information for every bit of the upcoming Air Jordan 4. Most of the colors are quite subdued, wearing a light brown like fluffy wool along the collar and tongue. The darker brown, then, complements the adjacent, adding a deeper, beastly contrast to tongue tags, heels, and tools. Finally, the resounding colors alternately appear on the support wing, with their red, green, blue and pink tones, an interesting touch suitable for GS, PS and TD products. At the end of last month, Salehe Bembury and New Balance announced the debut of the 574 yurt for the first time. This silhouette will appear on October 22 in two colors-"gray" and "multicolor", an effective and practical ode to the outdoors. The color palette aside, the model itself is a melting pot of influences. The original 574 provided its foundation, and it was quickly adjusted and upgraded through the elements of Test Run 3.0, 990v3 and the archived 755.

2021Sneakers continues its plan to completely eliminate its carbon footprint, the North American conglomerate has put the Next Nature series, which includes another pair of Nike sports jackets in mid-77. Similar to other claims in the capsule, the newly launched first-generation Nike basketball sneakers consist of at least 20% recycled materials, the entire upper and sole unit. Mismatched nylon constitutes the upper part of this pair of shoes, featuring soft green and pale pink, while the Nike sb-certified midsole and outsole combination deviates from the white and reminiscent of "confetti" Arrangement, the latter represents the composition of Nike Grind. In addition, Benbury added a high-pitched whistle to the heel, emphasizing the need for safety when brave in nature. Although the two debut works are different, they all share a common inspiration: a yurt, a round tent usually covered with skin or felt. The first option favors simplicity. Its suede, mesh, and the like are mostly gray. On the contrary, "Multi" is much more aesthetically diverse, with its paneling mixed with dark navy, brown and pop colors.

Yesterday, the leaked Yeezy Boost 350 v2 CMPCT boiled to the surface, and its design was a dramatic change from its original form. Buy Cheap Yeezy 350 What is even more exciting is that the silhouette has not only "slate blue" but also "slate red". Although similar in name to its cool-toned rivals, "Slate Red" is a more colorful business. The use of the headline color is expressive, suitable for Primeknit uppers and tools below. Although black is the background color mentioned earlier, the color scheme here chooses a layer of light brown. Being mocked for the first time in mid-June, the Adidas YEEZY BOOST 380 "Pyrite" recently appeared in official product photos before the October 18 release date. Don't confuse it with the color scheme of another boost buffer silhouette that is also scheduled to be released in mid-October. The "pyrite" style has a gray-brown mixed tone. The Primeknit structure of the entire YEEZY series maintains its standard structure (unlike the new CMPCT version of YEEZY 350 V2), and the perforated area on the side has the darkest color in the mixed structure. Shoelaces, sock-like collars and translucent midsoles choose light gray, reminiscent of Adidas's original YEEZY proposal. Finally, the curved tread pattern spans the outsole, with a slightly yellow appearance, which may have the characteristic of glowing in the dark.