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jwen4568 Oct 28 '21

Ultrafine mill is a common grinding equipment in concentrator. Compared with other ultrafine mill equipment, it can save energy and reduce consumption by 30%. For fine-grained mineral processing, it can increase the processing capacity by 15 ~ 20% compared with other ultrafine mill equipment. 

Its overall structure changes the original ultrafine mill structure and integrates the body and chassis. In installation, it can be placed on the foundation plane once. Principle of ultrafine mill schematic diagram of ultrafine mill principle mainly rotates it slowly through the transmission machinery, and the materials are fed from the feeding end of the cylinder. 

In the cylinder, the materials are crushed due to the throwing impact and self grinding of the steel ball and the ore itself. Due to the continuous feeding of materials, the pressure causes the materials in the cylinder to move from the feeding end to the discharge end, and the materials reaching the particle size of finished products are discharged from the discharge end of the cylinder.