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Rayanami Nov 11 '21
Anybody know a lawyer around Greenville that may dabble in financial stuff? My question could probably be answered over the phone - if they do that.
andremariyo Nov 11 '21

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Gascoigne Nov 15 '21
Yeah, sure. There are a lot of companies that offer free consultation and research your case. You can contact I addressed to them my problem regarding FCPA practices. Somehow I tested them to see their knowledge and approach because I worked for some years in the domain, and they were pretty good. I like the team, professional behavior, and always being prepared with a strategic plan. They are primarily engaged in federal crimes, and I'm sure you will find your way to them.

KevinStewart Dec 2 '21
An efficient law firm is the one I hire. Some years ago, I was sued for not paying all the business taxes. Considering I knew I regularly paid them, I didn't understand what was happening. So my dad recommended I try . I booked a meeting. I immediately liked them. Those people Found where the money I paid was really going and helped me not go to jail. I'm pretty sure they have an office near your location. And feel free to call them, if you think your problem can be answered by phone. Good luck!!