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sigband Dec 8 '21
Hi, my eldest daughter started out with anorexia 9 years ago (28yrs old, am in UK). Was re-diagnosed last year with BDP and and ED as a secondary diagnosis. She is currently completing DBT treatment and has advocated all along that she also needs bespoke ED support too- the team say this is the only treatment available and that it treats the ED too. She has found many of the DBT  techniques helpful in everyday life but says she needs an ed specialist to talk to/dietician.

She goes from bingeing to restricting. Just before starting DBT she was bulimic for months and one day she flipped overnight - going to restricting- they think she's doing so well as she kicked the bingeing in to touch until now. Group rules for attending DBT sessions are if you have self harmed then you cannot attend the group - much of which is visible self harm yet she was still able to attend even though restricting- though this is not so evident. That's why they were saying she is doing well- as on top of the bingeing-this is a flaw in the treatment plain for me.

She is now struggling again with bingeing- and is asking for more help- specialist ed input/ dietician yet they are offering nothing additional. It is great that she can now ask for help- it has taken her a long time just to do this. Last  time she took over doses and ended up in the local crisis service for 4 months ( this is just a holding ground).

It seems we just have to wait for her to get worse before she gets more help which is so frustrating. She is just about to relapse. Does  anyone know of any research around treating both the eating disorder and personality disorder - if we had something evidence based we would be able to advocate better for treating both diagnoses simultaneously? Thanks Julie
Tabris Dec 10 '21
I'm sorry about your daughter. It is so annoying that doctors sometimes do not treat or prevent disease before it worsens. This creates a lot of pain, problems, and additional costs. However, if you have tried so many treatments with negative results, maybe you should let your body face the disease because anosognosia cause natural human defense mechanism. If you do not notice changes in improvement after a while, it would be better to change the doctor.