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Tabris Dec 13 '21

I'm planning on doing a 3x3 ATF change in my fiance's 2008 Acura TL Type-S and I did my research on how to do the job but when I tried looking for the transmission filter location, I couldn't find it. All the videos/articles on how to diy this job don't mention the type-s models and only show the regular base model TL's.

Do the type-s models have not a transmission filter that can be changed?  

Armisael Dec 13 '21
I usually recommend professional assistance on cases like this one since it's a pretty tricky process, But, it's certainly not impossible. My advice would be to start your Acura and let it warm up until you hear the radiator fan come on. The fluid needs to be warmed up to flow faster to flush out the dirt. Underneath the front center of your car, a plastic cover protects the bottom of the engine and provides some aerodynamics. Next, you remove the plastic plate and drain the transmission fluid. If any of this is unclear to you, I recommend consulting with the guys from JDM cars.