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luckyowl Mar 11 '16

Welcome to today's FAQ.I trust you have some questions about Blade & Soul,why not show your questions,maybe we can talk about your questions .Perhaps we can help you a lot.Now let's have a look at others'questions.By a way,if you want to buy some cheap blade & soul gold,just go to our site.

Q:Is it just me or is it really hard to time your abilities correctly? When I try to iframe something I have to spam the button a few times instead of just pressing it once. I press the key once and the ability just doesn't go through most of the time unless I spam it a few times. Is it an issue with my pc, my settings, or just how the game is?

Q:What are some good food to eat for the price [PvE] that give buffs?

A:The cinderlands food is not too expensive, but the buffs are minor so it doesn't really do a whole lot. I crafted a bunch while leveling cooking and used them when I was doing dungeons and what not, but it's like .3% crit or whatever which is a non factor. Moonwater food is better but too expensive to make so not worth it.

The main good thing for pve are the blackram soju when doing BSH or Poh, they give massive damage boost for like 20secs every minute or whatever, great for burning bosses and such. You'll pull aggro if your tank doesn't drink one though, unless the tank is better geared or you wait a bit to use it.

Q:Around what gear should I have before I go into BSH6 and POH6 as a sin?

A:True profane and infernal accessories. It really depends on how good you are at utilizing your class though. One person could be doing great with true profane, another might have higher ping or not know the class as well and might need a siren or higher weapon to avoid being carried.

POH6 should definitely be fine with true profane. BSH6 might be a bit harder.

Q:Don't I need a siren weapon to upgrade from true profane to siren?

A:Storm siren you can get from E.Fleet killing Poh (chest doesn't always drop) or by spending 20 siren tokens. Tokens are probably your best bet.

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ANNLIKE May 16 '16
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