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supodum Sep 16 '16

Topic: So in previous fifa's, you could mash L2 and move the left stick into your opponent and muscle them outta the way to win a header. This was extremely effective With tall/strong players, especially when your opponenet didn't know about this particular trick. Using shoot/clear to head the ball out was also much more effective at winning headers than the pass button. However, FIFA 17, L2 mashing while pushing your player into the opponent doesn't seem to push for position to win a header at all, anyone have some tips for me to body for position? Losing a lot more Aerial dudes in 17.

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Edit: I'm talking about physically battling for position before a ball in the air gets there. I have no idea how to use my players body to win a header like in previous fifa's.

A: I think the new physicality stuff is LB+LT / L1/L2 If I'm not mistaken, you could try that instead.

I'm not certain tho because origin is completely gimped on my pc since they forced this beta update on everybody so I can't download the demo

A: If you press a face button twice, it hits it low. So if you mash the button, you just head it into the ground, which means you might as well not be winning shit, especially if you're going over a smaller player from behind (ex long kicks from the keeper).

I did this for a whole day before figuring it out.

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