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alice Jan 20 '17

They say the world is small but a hiker knows how vast it is. They say beauty is in our concrete palaces and digital machines but a hiker knows the real beauty. Digital Altitude Review  And, what may it be? Well, it is the Nature. For those who have shackled themselves to the luxuries of their concrete world, the word "nature", which is narrowed down to ignite a picture of a small garden in their mind, would never tickle their excitement. So, it is time you strap on your trekking boots and stuff everything that you might need in your backpack, from that handy torchlight to a delightful sleeping bag. Then, take that small step which shall lead you out of the concrete world and throw you into the wild, where every day is a big adventure. Here are some of the loveliest hiking trails, blossoming with natural beauty and wonder.

Have you ever been to the Narrows? Well, if not then, imagine a 16 miles long stretch of river, flanked on either side by a wall of gigantic red rocks transforming it into one of the longest and most spectacular canyons the world has seen. Now, imagine yourself tramping, knee-dip or maybe waist-dip (depending on the season), through that cold river with nothing but a trekking pole to warn you of the water's depth (and to give you support). So, if rocks and rivers fascinate you, then prepare for a wet trek down the picturesque canyon of Zion National Park (incidentally, the park accepts up to 80 hikers a day). http://thedigitalaltitudeaspirereviews.com/