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livestreamfree Jan 21 '17

Packers vs Falcons Super Bowl Live is nearly upon us. We just have that pesky event known as Conference Championship Weekend standing between us and the big game. This is obviously the biggest step in the postseason outside the Super Bowl, as this Sunday’s games will determine which teams will represent their respective conferences. The first of the two games has the Atlanta Falcons hosting the Green Bay Packers for the right to represent the NFC.


This is a troublesome week to make a score expectation, Packers vs Falcons in light of the fact that the one thing that appears to be sure is that both of these groups will score a great deal of focuses, and the thing that appears to be dubious is the place we ought to set the roof.

Consider the truths: The Birds of prey have the best offense in football and simply set up 36 focuses against the Seattle Seahawks, one of the class' most testing safeguards. The Green Cove Packers followed through on their guarantee to run the table and have now won eight amusements in succession since tumbling Packers vs Falcons to 4-6, while Aaron Rodgers has been apparently the best quarterback in football (and in any event beat three) over that traverse. Scoring? It's going on!

I'll uninhibitedly admit to you that I'm anxious about this diversion, and that I'm supposing the Birds of prey might just lose it. I don't state that gently, or to be a contrarian, or to set up some kind of intense turn around curse (however I seek after that). I say that since Rodgers is particularly hard to stop, Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons and on the grounds that a turnover one way or the other could swing an amusement that is probably going to be a shootout, and the Birds of prey have been exceptionally light on turnovers all year. This is a group that appears to probably lose against an incredible offense than an awesome guard, given their qualities, and Green Narrows is so hot right now I think they can pull this off.


The Hawks can win this amusement, and I trust energetically that they will, however I have the Packers by a score of 34-31, reluctantly. Share your score, be delicate with your feedback, and go Birds of prey.


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