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alice Feb 17 '17

Many dog trainers, both domestic and for security and police departments, have vouched that so-called "shock collars" are used in ways that result in less mental and physical trauma than other traditional behaviour correction methods, like pulling hard on leads or choke collars. Vert Shock  There are many questions surrounding shock collars. Some people wonder what a "shock collar" will do to a dog. Many dog owners are concerned that using a shock collar will physically or mentally harm their dog. Luckily, the amount of electric current used is not enough to harm your dog, much less cause permanent damage. The total energy output in each electrical pulse is actually lower than the electricity generated in static electricity.

That's right, when someone rubs a bare foot on a carpet and then touches a metal doorknob; they have just generated an electrical impulse several times greater in magnitude than anything that is used in a remote training collar. And just because the correction level has been increased doesn't mean the dog is in any sort of danger. All increases in correction level of a bark collar do is increase the number of individual pulses per second, not in the collar's electrical output. What this means is that the intensity of the electrical impulses doesn't go up, only the number of impulses generated. http://hearinglossprotocolbookreview.com/