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alice Feb 24 '17

Related to hypnosis is the practice of biofeedback to help people control their heart rates and induce certain brainwave frequencies known to be associated with certain moods. One method for achieving this is called "brainwave entrainment," which is the practice of inducing specific frequencies through the use of audio. By listening, in headphones, to two different tones (one for each ear), you set up something called binaural beats. If you want more focus, you set up beats in the "beta" range. For relaxation, you go for "alpha," a slower frequency. Once your brainwaves start to match the beating rhythm, your mood begins to follow that change. Reverse My Tinnitus 

White Noise 

White noise sounds a bit like a TV tuned to a channel it doesn't get. I've heard it described as sounding like: "Constant wind whooshing through the leaves of lots of trees. Water continuously falling down a waterfall. Sssshhhh..."

For better sleep and relief from tinnitus, white noise can be a god-send. I can attest to the effectiveness of this! In fact I might go so far as to say that the best purchase I ever made, that impacted my life in the most positive way, was a pair of earplugs that generate white noise. This is not an affiliate message either. If the company HAD and affiliate program, I'd be more than happy to support them, but as it is I'm happy to support them anyway. The product is called "Sleep-Eze," as basically, it's a pair of "reverse hearing aids." They run on hearing aid batteries. When you put them into your ears, the world basically just drops away and all you can hear is the pleasant and soothing sound of white noise. http://energizegreenssupplementreview.com/reverse-my-tinnitus-system-review/