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ggdb outlet The reform of Higher Vocational cost accounting training materials I see _3

. At present,ray ban pas cher, the training content of the design of cost accounting training materials is relatively short in practice,veste barbour pas cher, which is far from the actual production situation. Textbooks in the enterprise is assuming an enterprise "and each training unit or module are given in advance of the large number of assumptions data students need to step by step,zapatillas new balance baratas, the collection and distribution costs, only in accordance with the textbook formula or examples set can be. Strictly speaking, the training materials can only be regarded as a set of exercises,moncler sito ufficiale, which to improve students' ability to no avail, even mislead students,hogan outlet, that cost accounting are readily available data in there, when students go to jobs,hogan outlet online, facing the actual cost accounting,scarpe hogan outlet, it seemed at a loss. three,air max 90 baratas outlet, the idea of reform cost accounting training materials 1 selected real enterprise as the case enterprise< br / > to increase case simulation,yeezy 350 pas cher, credibility,hogan outlet, convenient to introduce enterprise organizational form, production and cost management requirements and to let the students have a sense of immersive and produce a sense of ownership and responsibility sense,ray ban aviator baratas, the author thinks that must choose a real business enterprise as the case. Of course, taking into account the cost of accounting information is a lot of business secret papers,scarpe golden goose outlet, the data can be simulated.
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  • Securities Law "are in the pipeline modifications, are related to the independent audit or intermediaries tort liability system, especially the registered accountant", is the civil liability system as the focus of the revision and study independent auditing liability for tort Ren has strong practical significance.
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