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Guo Jingming was the Chinese dream show player scorning and government net height response

< p > Yangzi Evening News September 30 reports Zhejiang TV, "China's dream show" the sixth season will premiere on October 11,hogan sito ufficiale, yesterday afternoon program group in Hangzhou held first press conference, general director Jiang Minhao guest hosted,scarpe hogan, the new Jin joined the two heavyweight "dream envoy", Guo Jingmingliang connected by an interview with the reporter, after 80 writer Guo Jingming the diminutive but at the scene shows he is not afraid to face questioning confidence.

is a small "modest young man"

as a topic of people, Guo Jingming went to where there is no lack of material". To record the scene,nike tn pas cher, a muscle macho type dreamer a power take the height of Guo Jingming joked, "heard Guo Dao dream show scene today, I do not see him?" This attracted the audience set the whole room roaring with laughter. May be accustomed to his height of the ridicule,mac cosmetics wholesale, Guo Jingming this is no expression, but it is quite embarrassing,scarpe hogan outlet, he explained: "no response is a little bit tired,moncler outlet, and he was too lazy to argue. I think only good friends to open a large scale of the joke,comprar new balance baratas, as a stranger to do so is not polite."

< p > according to the general director Jiang Minhao,ray ban outlet, Zhejiang satellite TV "Chinese dream show" the third revision in the audience can see a lot of new arrangements for the link, "the most special is Zhao Zhongxiang, Guo 'personally funded the dreamer' link,hogan outlet, if the two dreams ambassadors are Zhuimeng people moved,air max pas cher, then they can select" personal finance ", which use personal resources to help dreamer of dreams, without having to use the dream fund." Why choose Zhongxiang,barbour soldes, Guo two people dream as a special envoy, general director Jiang Minhao said "dream of players to talk to an object,hogan outlet, the previous dream show on the stage only a [microblogging], but now we can add the Zhao and Guo. Guo Jingming was young, but a very modest young man, and he had his talent. Some older dreamer might be more inclined to Zhao Zhongxiang to talk to the teacher."

< p > General Director Jiang Minhao mengkua Zhao Zhongxiang very dedicated, one day even record 13 hours always maintains a veteran worker professionalism and a sound tired don't shout, so Zhao Zhongxiang privately with the nickname of "Zhao Jingye". Zhao Zhongxiang also expressed their support for the new spring festival director Feng Xiaogang's "Fengdao is a eyeshot and enrich the experience of the director and his often surprises people. As for the Spring Festival Gala, any innovation and change we should be receptive and inclusive, I of Pingdao Gala full of confidence, I to his support can be described as is an endless stream of." 2013 09 30 08:10   ]    related reading please select the mood when you read this news


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