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No internet can be a blessing in disguise

A lot of college students will tell you that the internet is quite addictive and that it wastes a lot of their precious time. I recently read the rush essay review on the internet, which made me think that internet can really be a blessing in disguise.


Finally, it all comes down to how you are using the internet. Everyone knows that any student can extract a wealth of knowledge from the internet. But the internet also has sites which can do nothing more than just waste your time. Ideally, some of the best sites on the internet are designed to help the students and other people of the world. However, these sites also distract the students and lead them more towards gossip and fun. A student checking a YouTube video will quickly be distracted by the recommended videos where he sees something bizarre or funny. He is then lead to a complete different category of videos where he ends up spending a lot of time.


Same is with the social networking sites, because all of these sites are designed to make people stay online for longer. I think it is best to use the internet in a restrictive way so that you feel more connected to the world around you then to the world which is inside a box.

Created: Sep 17 '17 · Admin: timmytom