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Review the complete history of Nike Air Max Day celebrations -1626 Shanghai Station trend line Infor

Earlier who you repeatedly notice of Nike Air Max Day recently have launched a grand global celebration,, as one of the most dynamic and creative cities in the world,, the Shanghai yesterday also in a unique way to celebrate the 2015 Air Max Day. Nike brand experience in Shanghai Huaihai store,, the new building Genealogy of Air Max exhibition shows the complete series since the 1987 birth of the 28-year history,, from the original Air Max 1 to the latest Air Max Zero and other milestones are on display; and in the Shanghai Exhibition Center,, Nike overwhelmed by more ad hoc up to five meters of the giant Air Max Sneaker Box,, the country more than 30 Air Max collectors of 100 pairs of shoes were placed in this Sneaker Box Air Max to show lovers Glory Road and exclusive stories each pair of shoes,, which are not lacking in a number of unique classic style.

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Created: Nov 4 '15 · Admin: jonny6376