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Beautiful behind premiered in April 17th focus on

in the TV series "beautiful behind", Du Chun's character is a very sense of justice lawyer, after the principal bizarre Dutch act all anger, he will invest in the biggest suspect plastic surgeon Ye Wenqi, he vowed to put them in jail,new balance outlet, but in the process of the investigation, he but gradually realize that things are not so simple as he imagined, more and more doubt he will lead to greater conspiracy, he increasingly felt strongly that Ye Wenqi might also be a victim, but behind this huge conspiracy. Some seemed to another person,chaussure golden goose, he is aware of this point, a series of major the changes on the heels of a greater conspiracy led him turned Holmes, trying to uncover the truth behind the mystery,saucony outlet, also in the process of investigation of truth He gradually removed all sorts of prejudices against Ye Wenqi, to her.

< p > "beautiful" set of family ethics, career trap,hogan outlet online, girlfriends enemies, cosmetic star, underground affair, business running and many other elements of hit in a body, depth touch shaping the public curious but missed the in-depth understanding of the industry and the industry insider wrapped in complex bizarre story to the audience. Story launches from the plastic medical records of patients with leakage cause of murder, Zhangli plays the role of a plastic surgeon Wen Chi Yeh seemingly smooth career and life suddenly orbit,air max 1 outlet, the more bizarre events ensued, Duchun plays the legal adviser to the Lin Yiwei intervention survey, but found things far did not imagine is so simple, Yao Qianyu plays private plastic hospital Lin Meixuan,tn pas cher, venci desperate to extend a helping hand. "Beautiful behind" premiered on April 17th< p > by Du Chun,golden goose outlet, Zhang Li, Yao Qianyu, Jing Gangshan, Korean actor Hong Xiaoxi, many idols,goyard pas cher, the strength of the actor starring, cutting-edge director Li Wei directed,air max 1 pas cher, Tianjin North film group and Jiangsu happy blue ocean Media Co., Ltd. jointly build city emotional suspense drama "beautiful back", on April 17, officially landed in Anhui Satellite TV. On April 15,chaussure tn pas cher, the drama director Li Wei, starring Du Chun,air max pas cher, Zhang Li and Jing Gangshan attended the held in Hefei launch conference, "beautiful" is domestic first focus on shaping the current social hot topics, and in-depth secret plastic industry insider television drama,gafas ray ban outlet, so you are the creator of the play holds great confidence in ratings.

< p > is the cosmetic diaries movie theaters aggressively again time plastic surgery topics in the whole society Jiaore, discussion about artificial beauty and natural beauty, the views of all parties argued for the pursuit of beauty seems to have become a powerful impetus to the productivity and social economic development. TV drama "beautiful", will not only on shaping the topic discussion to deepen, and through a series of bizarre twists and turns of the mystery, to the audience to show the most familiar and strange industry in secret, is an upgraded version of the film "Diary of a facelift 'TV series.

set a variety of elements in one hit "beautiful" behind the first mortgage cosmetic industry shaking inside

Du Chun turned Holmes on Zhang Li Yao Qianyu in revenge exposing the black mud

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