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How to fix when HP Printer Won't Print in Color

HP printers are always best choice either it is office or your home. Because of the high-quality printing job of HP printer, it has millions of active users. Although the popularity of HP printers is because amazing features but yet these printers are not perfect. Somehow users of HP printer get hassles with its service, therefore experts are always ready to troubleshooting. Via HP printer support number  1-844-794-2515 anyone can find the solution for HP printer issues. If your HP printer won’t print in color then try troubleshooting steps given below.


Check the Ink Cartridge

Step 1.

Open the front cover of the HP printer and remove the ink cartridge from the printer.

Step 2.

Now install a new ink cartridge in your HP printer and try to print again. If the problem was due to empty or faulty ink cartridge then you can print again. If the printer is still not printing in color then go to further steps.


Clean the Printheads of HP printer:

Step 1.

Try to clean the printhead to resolve the problem. Go through the steps given here to clean the printhead.

Step 2.

Now press & hold down the Power button on the printer. Press the resume button with power button six times.

Step 3.

Leave the printer power button and resume button.

Step 4.

Now take a test print for a color document. If the printer is acting same as earlier and you are not able to print a color document. Press the “resume” button for five times to clean the printhead in more moderation. If your HP printer is still not printing then proceed to next step.

Step 5.

At the last step, you need to have a deep cleaning. Press & hold the power button with resume button for seven times. Now try to print the color document once again. If you failed to print the color document then ask tech support for help.


To reach out the HP technical support team you can use HP printer technical support number. The experts of customer care are always available to resolve its user’s problem. Whenever you need assistance for troubleshooting the problem ask the customer care. Customer care service is always available to help its customers 24 x 7.


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