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How to find the default IP Address of NETGEAR Router

NETGEAR provides internet broadband connectivity. Usually, a broadband has two IP address, one communicates locally and the other one communicates with networks outside the local one (The internet). The one connects locally we call it private IP address and the other one is public IP address.

 If you've never changed the local address, and especially if the router was bought new, this IP address is considered the "default IP address" because it's the one supplied by the manufacturer.

When first setting up a router, the administrator must know this address in order to connect to its console. This typically works by pointing a web browser to the IP address.

The internet provider supplies the public address and the private address is used by the administrator. The private address the supplier provide is the default IP address.

Netgear router customer support

Here we will discuss how you can know the default IP Address of NETGEAR Router:

·       By default, your Routers default IP address should be or but some of NETGEAR routers don’t have this IP address.

·       If your default IP address is not that then you can check behind your router, NETGEAR provides some basic information about the router so you can check it from there.

·       If in case you can’t find it there you can go to the official website of the NETGEAR.

·       You can contact the Netgear customer support by dialing their number. This number is toll-free and they will assist you 24*7 to help you.

·       You can change the default IP address of your modem during the installation of your modem with the help of the operator.

·       If you have by mistaken change the IP address you can again change it to factory default setting. For this, you can go to the modem settings and click on the connectivity setting then choose reset factory default setting.

To login into the Netgear router you can follow these steps:

ØLaunch the web browser in your computer or any device which is connected to your router’s network.

ØGo to the website of your Netgear account where the login window will open.

ØEnter the username and password you have and choose login.

Still, if you can’t log in into the router then contact to the Netgear router customer service. There are techies available who will help you to solve your problem.


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