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How to set up a Netgear Wireless Router

Be it a need at home or for your commercial purpose, the Netgear are continuing their legacy of providing the best and fastest wireless routers to their customers. They were the first to introduce the fastest wireless router in the world. Netgear is one of the leading networking company that is providing a lot of networking hardware to their customers for quite a time now. They are not just known for this but also for their service. In any problem that you face regarding the setup, improper networks or something else, you can surely rely on their expert’s advice. In case of any issues, you can get in touch with them using the Netgear customer support number.


Netgear Wi-Fi routers provide the widest as well as the best range of networks to their customers via their routers. This is the reason as to why they are the best in the market. But when it comes to setting up the router customers face issues that they are unable to solve. Although Windows is completely compatible with these routers still you can have issues at times but if you follow the steps listed below correctly things will work out just fine. Now if you are facing an issue with setting your Netgear router with Windows, then here is what you can do:


·        Firstly connect the router with your router of Netgear.

·        Then you will have to reboot the computer, modem as well as the router.

·        Once done with this step, you will have to open your web browser and then punch in the IP address of the router.

·        Now fill in your details in the fields and login to the router.

·        Now you will have to click on the setup wizard button to finish the complete setup. As soon as you do it, there will be an option of clicking yes and then finish.  From there your router will automatically detect the available connection.

·        Connect to the network and save the settings.

·        Once done you can enjoy the fast speed internet on your device.


Now if you correctly follow all these steps, you will be able to enjoy the speeding internet else there could be an issue at certain stages. So, one of the best ways that you can do it by contacting some on the Netgear router customer support beforehand for assistance. It will save your time as well as effort.


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Created: Nov 16 '18 · Admin: netgearhelp