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How to update Netgear router firmware

Routers are an integral part of computers and network connections. Without this device or product, there can be no network connection or forward of data between data networks. They serve as an important facet in the technology world because the world needs internet to move forward and you need technology to keep all mobile devices connected, network controls and remote management and without routers that task would be difficult. Everybody in this world owns a router and every person in this globe knows its importance. There are many companies who are in the production unit of producing routers. And there are many good routers in the world and the one that stands out is Netgear routers. Netgear routers give the widest range of speed and features to meet your home and office needs for internet, music and video streaming, gaming and many more. If this information isn’t enough and if you want more then you can contact Netgear router customer support.

Netgear routers give customers amazing features like beamforming, dual bands and Netgear genie which are incredible features that boosts up the entire network connectivity and internet game. But it also has certain slip-ups here and there. One such issue is the update process of Netgear router firmware. Many customers do not know how to accomplish this as they have no basic idea of routine steps. So if you want to know how to update your Netgear router’s firmware then keep reading this blog:

ØGo to the official Netgear support page and type in the model number in the search box.

ØSelect the model from the drop-down box. Make sure to select the correct model from the list.

ØClick on the ‘firmware and software download’ option.

ØAnd under ‘current version’, select the firmware version and click the ‘download’ button.

ØOpen the file on your computer and run it.

ØAnd to update it, just follow the on-screen instructions.

These steps are mandatory for the update of Netgear router firmware. If you face any complication while updating your firmware you can contact Netgear router customer service to let experts help you with your problem.


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Created: Dec 13 '18 · Admin: netgearhelp