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How to troubleshoot a Netgear Wi-Fi range extender is not working

Before explaining the steps to troubleshoot a Netgear Wi-Fi range extender, you need to know what a ‘Wi-Fi range extender’ is. This piece of equipment is a kind of wireless repeater which is basically used to broaden the range of a wireless LAN. You will typically find this device located between the base of a router or the access point. This device picks up the signal and redelivers it. So now that you know a little of what this range extender is, let’s get down to the main topic of conversation which is to troubleshoot a Netgear Wi-Fi ranger that is not working. This problem is quite common with range extenders since it is a technological device and it is bound to have errors at the end of the day. When it stops working, it could be because of not configuring the wireless router to the extender or failure in installing the extender. So to fix this problem you are required to first ‘reset it to default’ then set it up again. You can take this blog as a reference if you want to know how to fix this, or, you could contact Netgear router customer support.

How to reset Netgear range extender to default.

ØFirst thing’s first, plug the range extender to an outlet and disconnect all the cables that are attached to it.

ØTake the help of a tiny pin to press the reset button which is located at the back of the device and keep pressing it for around 10-20 seconds.

ØFinally, let go of the button and restart the device.

Setting up a Netgear Wi-Fi range extender.

For setting up the extender, you can use the which is a login address to set up Netgear extender.

ØStart off by positioning the extender in any room of your preference.

ØNow supply the required power to the extender through an adapter.

ØUsing a phone or a tablet, connect to the internet.

ØAfter you are connected, launch any web browser and enter the Netgear default IP address in the URL box.

ØWhen the Netgear extender login page appears, choose the language and click ‘next’.

ØEnter the correct password and click ‘ok’ to finish the setup procedure.

With the final step, you would have set up your extender and successfully resolved the problem with the extender. If you have any doubts or if you face any difficulty, call Netgear router customer service to get professional help from certified executives.

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