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Pangasius Market : Industry Insights [url=]Charles O'Bannon Jr. Jersey[/url] , Outlook and Forecast upto 2017 鈥?2025

According to the National Fisheries Institute, Pangasius is the 10th most popular fish consumed. Pangasius is primarily found in Vietnam, Cambodia and neighboring nation. The aquaculture was in Vietnam to enhance the production of fishes to cope up with the global demand. The largest exporter of聽pangasius Market聽is Vietnam, exports more than 50% of its production. New market entrants Russia, Middle East and some Asian countries have demonstrated a growing demand for pangasius [url=]Brian Scalabrine Jersey[/url] , imports from the Vietnam. Pangasius fish has low to medium fat content with high levels of protein. Pangasius is rich in omega-3 fatty acid which has many health benefits. Pangasius has wide range of application like in pharmaceutical industry, dietary supplements and other.

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Global Pangasius market is expected to increase with significant value CAGR over the forecast period, owing to increasing application of Pangasius in various industries among which, food industry holds the majority of the asius market can be segmented on the basis of product type, species, application and sales the basis of product type [url=]Bennie Boatwright Jersey[/url] , Pangasius market can be segmented into fresh whole fish, frozen whole fish, fresh fillet and frozen fillet. Vietnam exports the frozen product in different part of the globe.

On the basis of species, there are basically three types of species which are commercially available Ictalurus Punctatus(catfish), Pangasius bocourti(Basa),Pangasius hypopthalmus [url=]USC Trojans Jersey[/url] , out of which Pangasius bocourti(Basa) and Pangasius hypopthalmus are found in Vietnam, china and neighboring countries. All the three species are produced by aquaculture technique.

On the basis of application, Pangasius market is segmented into dietary supplements, pharmaceutical industry and food industry. Pangasius fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acid which is taken as dietary supplements. As pengasius provides healthy functioning of heart, kidney and liver, it is highly applicable in pharmaceutical industries.

Pangasius products market is further segmented on the basis of distribution channel into direct and indirect channel. Indirect channel is further sub-segmented into modern grocery stores and traditional grocery stores. Modern grocery includes hypermarket or supermarket [url=]P.J. Locke III Jersey[/url] , convenience store and discount stores whereas traditional grocery includes independent small vendors. Indirect segment also includes online platform.

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Innovative farming technique has been applied in china, Cambodia and Thailand to complete the demand of Pangasius in global market. Pangasius bocourti variety is driving the market due to its mild to a sweet flavor, whiter meat color and somewhat flaky cooked texture. In Vietnam, to upgrade the cold storage capacity to accelerate the market, aquaculture companies have invested in improving their material storage place. Approximately all the running dines in European nation and America now feature Pangasius food on their menus. Different types of packaged food in retail store or hypermarket giving multiple option to the consumers consolidating the market growth.

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