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 rt events environmental testing [url=]Roy Tarpley Jersey[/url] , Recently, Ministry of Public Security organization and coordination of Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Nei Menggu, Liaoning, Shandong and other six provinces around Beijing [url=]Rico Ozuna-Harrison Jersey[/url] , district, city traffic control department copolymer Beijing, Beijing some departments to improve the tests work. Six provinces said it would test positive support and cooperation.

August 17 to August 20 from 6 pm to 24 pm every day, Beijing will carry out environmental transport security testing, focusing on vehicle exhaust emissions on air quality, vehicle travel on road traffic conditions of testing. To ensure integrated test environment smooth traffic, the city will take temporary traffic management measures [url=]Ray Jackson Jersey[/url] , while other cities to Beijing motor vehicles and other odd and even numbers to points of temporary traffic management measures. Li Wei, deputy secretary general of Beijing Municipal Government, Zhang Weihua, deputy director of Municipal Public Security Bureau, Beijing Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau Secretary Song Jian Guo, Liu Xiaoming, deputy director of Urban Transportation Commission and other responsible persons [url=]Phil Hubbard Jersey[/url] , respectively, the significance of this test and specific measures described in detail. Ministry of Public Security Office Director Wu Ming Olympic Mountains, Deputy Secretary of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau were asked Li Jiangping around Beijing six provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities should attach great importance to meet the test, according to the Beijing government notice requirements, and meticulous planning to ensure the smooth test be.

At the same time gain experience in this work, for the 2008 Beijing Olympics fully prepared. Participants in the six provinces [url=]Nik Stauskas Jersey[/url] , autonomous regions and municipalities of the traffic control department official said that should have a high sense of responsibility to do environmental testing Beijing traffic protection with the work. In the previous major transportation security activities, Beijing and surrounding provinces have carried out good cooperation, and accumulated valuable experience of cooperation.

In this test, the surrounding provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of the traffic control department of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau will continue to pay the HKMA and the synergies in the surrounding provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities widely publicized, “the Beijing Municipal People’s Government on the environment Good Luck Beijing test events integrated transport protection during the test to take notice of the temporary traffic management measures “; to strengthen management at the source [url=]Naji Ozeir Jersey[/url] , strict vehicle inspection to Beijing; improve the linkage mechanism, enhance information flow.

Ensure that the “green channel“ flow, minimizing the impact on the life of the masses, there are problems in a timely manner to communicate, resolve and avoid prolonged road to Beijing, long traffic jams. Especially data18 and19, “Good Luck Beijing“ road bike (road bike parts) [url=]Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman Jersey[/url] , bike invitational tournament field (parts of a bicycle), the direction of the Ba Daling expressway from Beijing Changping West off of vehicles all around the island by the National Highway 110 bypass, 110 State Road junction to Beijing direction against a large elm more than 4 tons of goods traffic, municipalities will focus on the publicity, Tianjin, Hebei, ahead of the traffic control department to take mitigation measures [url=]Moritz Wagner Jersey[/url] , will divert trucks to State Road 112, Beijing-Zhangjiakou Expressway and mitigation State Road 110, the traffic pressure. Beijing Bureau of Beijing Traffic Management Bureau special note driver of other towns that period to minimize Beijing in the 4-day test, such as the need for Beijing to Beijing with a good proof of the relevant documents, and pay attention to my bureau bypass measures taken by the HKMA. It has a permit for the vehicle during the test in strict accordance with odd and even numbers travelom: wholesale bicycle accessories

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