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Dofus players won't be able to Dofus Kamas

Dofus players won't be able to Dofus Kamas play those in the opposite lineup, therefore the choice will be crucial and you'll have to play Dofus players on your lineup. The assaults will rage throughout the World of Twelve, just like on the Heroic server, it will be possible to attack any Dofus participant crossing your path, with a few differences: that Dofus player must be of the opposite alignment to yours and obviously,

 the aggressions will not be possible at Neutral zone (Astrub and its surroundings for example) and about the maps of Zaaps. These attacks will slow down the advancement of the Dofus players, and thus slow down the Dofus Kamas harvest of the opposing city.

The passing won't be dofus kamas echo final and if you lose your struggle against a Dofus player of the opposite alignment, you will find yourself in the prison of their other city. You will have several choices to escape the prison: cover a depositwait wisely and count the potatoes, or request your classmates to come and assist you by storming the contrary city. 

Each camp will have a jackpot which Dofus players will have to fuel by engaging in the war attempt. The camp together with the most significant quantity of Dofus Kamas within their kitty at the event's end will win the third season of the awards that are affiliated and Temporis.

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Created: Nov 11 '19 · Admin: ningling2016