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Softether VPN

Softether VPN is a modern Multiprotocol VPN Manager and client. The program provides the highest level of privacy by independently creating L-2 and L-3 tunnels and professionally encrypting traffic. Open source ensures its free distribution, which is provided by a multinational team of volunteers. Only building the utility from components and further configuring it in the absence of a Russified interface will cause complexity. The product is intended for connoisseurs and experts and will be difficult for ordinary users.

About the product

The program was created in Japan. in 2003, Daiyu Nobori, a student at a University, developed the first version of the product and immediately came under the scrutiny of the government. The authorities considered its development unsafe, suggesting that it could " damage the image of other VPN products." The student offered the program to Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, losing the rights to it, but in 2014 he re-released it to the market, this time with open source. The issue of exclusive rights has not been fully resolved.

Softether VPN for mobile phones

Softether VPN servers are located only in the East of Eurasia, this, as well as the creation technology, provides high speed for users from Russia who live close to the localization region, as well as for customers from Central Asia. The program has a built-in firewall. The proprietary SSL-VPN data transfer Protocol used is identical in appearance to the usual HTTPS traffic, this allows you to hide the fact of using VNP and makes the program popular in China, it is able to cope with DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technologies that block certain protocols. The program works via the rarely used port 433. Traffic is masked very successfully, sometimes simulations of ICMP (ping) and DNS queries are used for data transmission.

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    Softether VPN
    Softether VPN is a modern Multiprotocol VPN Manager and client. The program provides the highest level of privacy by independently creating L-2 and L-...
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  • I agree that for some people VPN encryption is literally a find. In principle, it is easy to understand why. It helps you to protect reliable data on the Internet from cybercriminals and abuse by providers and much more.
  • The possibility softether vpn
    Support for AES and RSA encryption;
    Allows you to configure VPN topologies;
    Professional administration mode;
    Built-in firewall for network connections;
    Section with detailed instructions for managing software;
    Ability to bypass regional blocking of any websites;
    Built-in connection Manager SoftEther VPN Client Manager;
    Working with IPv4, IPv6, NAT Traversal, and dynamic DNS protocols;
    Creating an ICMP firewall for reliable protection of local personal data of OS users from malware;
    The new version of the software is compatible with PC based on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, FreeBSD, Solaris (x86, x64).
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  • The most suitable implementation for your own server is OpenVPN. A tangible minus is a rather complicated setup. Only a person experienced in network matters can install and configure it himself, but this server is amazing in its capabilities.
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  • The global computer network has long been a territory of freedom, permissiveness and anarchy, as it once was. The authorities of absolutely all States try to keep under tight control the network activity of their citizens, including by restricting their access to web pages, social networks and services that are declared illegal.
  • If you prefer to set up a VPN connection manually under Windows and without using software, this option exists, and it is done without much difficulty. There are many free servers that you can connect to.
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