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Common Curtain Fabric Selection Skills

Nowadays, more and more curtains are installed in society. The effect of curtain fabrics of different fabrics is different. Some light is different, and some will affect noise and light. Let's take a look at the introduction of several common Curtain fabrics and purchasing skills with the editor.

One of the curtain fabric choices: dyed cloth

Dyeing a single color on the white fabric is called dyed cloth. Ordinary curtain designs and colors are all finished by this kind of craft, its characteristics: simple and elegant, natural.

Curtain fabric selection two shade cloth

The effect of blocking sunlight is better, but there are also semi-shading and full shading. It is better to protect privacy. Shading cloth is divided into coated shading cloth and cloth shading cloth. Therefore, it is recommended that friends with better economic conditions choose fabric shading cloth as much as possible when buying shading cloth curtains! Coated shading cloth has toxic substances, it is best not to choose this kind. The cloth shade cloth is very environmentally friendly!

Curtain fabric selection three: jacquard printed fabric

Combining the two processes of jacquard and printing is called jacquard fabric. The curtains of this fabric are strong and durable, with thick texture and good shading effect.

Curtain fabric selection four: printed cloth

Colors and patterns are printed on the plain fabric by transfer or garden net, which is called calico. Its characteristics: colorful, rich and delicate patterns.

Curtain fabric selection five: yarn-dyed fabric

According to the needs of the pattern, the gauze is classified and dyed first, and then interwoven to form a color pattern called yarn-dyed fabric. Its characteristics: strong color fastness, clear yarn-dyed texture, strong three-dimensional effect.

There are also skills in choosing curtain fabrics. Generally, for windows with good light, it is more appropriate to choose tulle, thin cotton or silk fabrics. You can try shade cloth. You can choose warm colors for dark ones, which can increase the temperature.

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