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This has been discussed many times before

This has been discussed many times before, but I'll attempt to WOW TBC Gold make this more interesting. If this is for entertainment, then go for it. The choice of a client is entirely personal. WotLK clients are the best, because they allow access to various innovative tools and tools, and they can be altered. Content is usually similar, except for the talents and abilities.

You're not wasting time trying to tackle this massive undertaking with the aim of attracting an enormous player base. This community doesn't flock to customized servers. Even If they did, their desire for new releases could cause them to consume your whole server in 3 months, whereas it took about 1+ years to complete.

Hello, I'd appreciate all of you for taking part in this subject. Although I wasn't anticipating so numerous feedbacks, it's apparent that I read every one. It's difficult to make a decision between Azerothcore or an alternative emulator for managing this project. I'd like it be in line with my philosophy. I'm not sure yet, but I'll keep this topic up to inform you of my choice.

As a player, I favor wotlk client, simply because of its playability. Wotlk is easier to use because it has a lower requirement for level mounts and also because the process of leveling is much faster.

The plot is that Zeus is thrown out of Olympus by Hera who has taken the title of Queen of the Heavens, while Zeus is mostly sulking in self pity/ gone for a major bender. They've witnessed a series of impending disasters, and as the people who are followers of Gods who are officially linked to cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold Zeus the god of thunder, they search for Zeus as the God of Thunder to stay clear of any of them.
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