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Solid Brass Padlock Selection Introduction

A good solid brass padlock is really expensive. is it necessary? How to choose a door lock?

Expert guidance: If you choose a door lock, its anti-theft performance requirements are relatively high. At present, good anti-theft door locks use steel as the main material, which has higher hardness and hardness than cast iron.

Indoor door locks are mainly private and decorative, reflecting the quality of home. Due to the large number of openings, the quality requirements are high. One is abrasion resistance, which is related to the abrasion resistance of the door lock material. When buying, ask the dealer what the material is. Due to frequent use, the feel of the door lock is also important. The feel of the door lock is determined by the spring. The quality of the spring determines the feel and service life during use. Some door lock springs are not good, and it is easy to cause the handle to sag, thus ending the service life of the door lock. When you buy it, you should try the toughness of the door lock spring. The feeling of a good spring is very soft, not too soft or too hard. In the purchase process, you should also pay attention to the electroplating of the door lock, that is, whether the handle of the door lock will fade. Generally speaking, the protective layer of the door lock is very good, that is to say, the coating will not be easily oxidized and worn. The electroplating of the standard dial combination lock handle is related to the overall beauty of the living room, so this point cannot be ignored.

Created: Oct 12 '21 · Admin: fengsafetylock