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Packaging Mould Manufacturers Introduces The Preparation Skills Of Metal Composite Panels

Packaging Mould Manufacturers introduces Metal Composite Panel refers to a plate covered with another metal on a layer of metal, which has achieved the effect of saving resources and reducing costs without reducing the use effect (anti-corrosion performance, mechanical strength, etc.). The compounding method usually includes explosive compounding, explosive rolling compounding, rolling compounding, and so on. Composite materials can be divided into composite plates, composite tubes, composite rods, etc. according to their appearance. It can be used in anti-corrosion, pressure vessel manufacturing, power construction, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, automobile, and other industries. Common metal composite panels are titanium steel composite panels, copper steel composite panels, titanium zinc composite panels, titanium nickel composite panels, nickel steel composite panels, copper aluminum composite panels, nickel-copper composite panels, etc. Hot-rolling composite method: refers to the method of overlapping the composite material and the base material, welding around, and combining the composite material and the base material through hot rolling.

Under the action of shear deformation force, the contact surface between the two metals is very similar to viscous fluid and tends to be fluid. Once the new metal surface appears, they will produce adhesion friction behavior, which is conducive to the fixation of the metal on the contact surface. Based on the fixation point or core, stable thermal diffusion is formed under the condition of high-temperature thermal activation, so as to realize the welding and bonding between metals. The explosive billet-rolling method is a production method in which the required base and composite materials are explosively welded and then rolled to a composite strip of required specifications and dimensions through a hot rolling mill.

This method is a new joint technology developed by integrating the advantages of explosive compound technology and rolling technology. Its advantages are:
1. Explosive composite method to make billets to ensure the quality of the bonding area of ​​the two-layer or three-layer metal composite plate;
2. The product has high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality;
3. Increase the flexibility of production and facilitate promotion.

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