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China Skateboards Manufacturers Selection Criteria

 Previously, Inflatable Paddle Board Suppliersintroduced a lot of snowboard veneer classification and some basic knowledge. Today I will give you a brief introduction to the snowboard veneer classification. Many people may see that the appearance of the skis is roughly the same, and the difference should be small. In fact, the difference between the skis of different types of skis is quite large.

Snowboard double boards are generally divided into all-region boards, wild snow boards, and park boards. Here is a brief introduction to their differences.
There are two types of global boards. One is called carbene boards in China. It is very common for many ski resorts to rent double boards as carbene boards. Although it is very common, it does not mean that this kind of board has low technical content and the price of many good carbine boards. It's not cheap either. This kind of board is suitable for skiing on the piste over which the snow blower runs. The shock absorption, comfort, and stability are also very good, suitable for novices to learn and proficient in movements. The other kind is tilted up at both ends. Some are like park boards and a bit like boards on snow trails. You can ski in the park or on the trails. You can use any kind of trails, but if you want to play in depth, it is recommended to choose a special board.
Wild snowboard, as the name suggests, is a snowboard dedicated to wild snow. The board has a wide waist and high buoyancy. It is suitable for skating on wild snow and natural snow, but it is very difficult to do cool moves.
The park board is a snowboard double board that is transformed into a variety of props in the park. It is lighter and does not break, but if it is used more, it will consume a lot of the board. The panels and bottom plates of the park board are very cool, but there are relatively few ski resort parks in China, so domestic ski enthusiasts need to consider when choosing this type of snowboard.
Different board types are suitable for different venues and skiing scenes, so China Skateboards Manufacturerstry to combine their own needs when choosing skis to choose the skis that suit them.

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